Lantus scandal: the suspicions of cancer and the economic interests of insulin

In the last few days in the world of diabetes has been unleashed an earthquake: a study published June 26 Diabetologia, the journal of the EASD, has highlighted a possible carcinogenic effect of Lantus, ie, insulin glargine. The famous and expensive insulin similar that allows those who have diabetes to control their blood sugar through a basal rate of 24 hours (or almost) with one injection per day would therefore be dangerous to your health, even if the conditional is a must .

Cartucce di insulina Lantus A survey of 127,000 patients with diabetes in Germany have found that people who regularly use the Lantus has 31% more likely to develop a tumor within 1 year and a half, and that the risk is proportional to the amount of Lantus taken daily. Similar studies conducted in Sweden, Scotland and the United Kingdom have partially confirmed the results, although there are some conflicting data. The Food and Drug Administration has opened an investigation to pursue the matter.

This is a preliminary research that certainly goes in-depth with further studies before arriving at a definitive answer, as admitted by the authors of scientific publication. However, there was great confusion unleashed by the news, along with the sensation exploded in diabetology. But above all is the great dismay that crosses many people with diabetes who use that insulin, which ask for certain answers and quick fixes. It is important to remember, however, that patients being treated with Lantus must not stop treatment without permission of your doctor healthcare professional.

Even from a financial point of view there has been a collapse in the stock market performance of Sanofi-Aventis: the French pharmaceutical company that produces the Lantus has lost more than 7% in one day of publication of the study. Sanofi Aventis is the same corporation that just a few days before the outbreak of the "scandal Lantus" announced the production of a vaccine against the famous "influenza A", also known as swine flu.

Immediately after the stock market crash, the Sanofi-Aventis has seen fit to issue a number of press, with which it aims to ensure that in fact the Lantus is completely safe and that there is no link with cancer, challenging the method used by the researchers in the study recently published. The question that arises is: "who" wanted to reassure the leaders of Sanofi Aventis? Doctors who prescribe Lantus? Or maybe the shareholders who buy stocks? The fear is that we forget the people. Because the money and interests that revolve around these topics are many, indeed many, and I would not want the biggest concern was that an effort to secure sales and capital, before the actual safety of the drug. But diabetics are really more important than money?

Doubts are also personally because I had heard rumors about the carcinogenicity of Lantus already 2 years ago, although at that time no one spoke, and there was nothing confirmed about it, but because the news came just now, conquering the most important media and newspapers worldwide? Perhaps because of the noise amplified by the stock market crash? Or maybe because the economic interests demanded that things were going well?

You have to pretend rather than at the center of the issue there is the person with diabetes and his health. Rather than reassure "a priori", that would be good to everyone, including Sanofi-Aventis, would take in hand the findings of the study seriously, and to flesh out urgently with new research, in order to give a definite answer on Lantus and rapid, with the hope that This insulin is actually safe for all who use it. We hope that this is the path taken by all companies, associations of diabetes, and scientific bodies. Emphasizing the centrality of the person before everything else because it serves ethic even in the economy, especially in pharmacology, where it comes into play people's lives. We await answers.

Link to the article of the study on Lantus and cancer published by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes:

Site response on the safety of Lantus Sanofi Aventis:

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72 Responses to "Scandal Lantus: the suspicions of cancer and the economic interests of insulin"

  1. 1 Cristina

    And 'urgent understand if the Lantus has side effects so dramatic, as soon as you have to give us some news!
    And hallucinating, Kafkaesque think that a life-saving drug can have serious implications such as cancer, I wonder if the pharmaceutical multizionali are criminal associations in the light of so many huge scandals in pharmacy and are the cause of so much pain. Let's do something to learn more about this and similar insulin that doctors will wake up from slumber and fight for their patients, Cristina Fabbrini

  2. 2 Simone

    Cristina, thanks for the comment, you are absolutely right: it must be remembered, however, that at the moment there are no confirmations or denials certain. We hope then to be made as soon as the light of this disturbing news, and let's keep up to date. As soon as I know more I will know myself on this blog. See you soon!

  3. 3 Ann @

    Without words!
    And who until this morning used the LANTUS??
    Oblivious to everything??
    Mha we'll see.
    The fact is that ...... no wonder bosogna so-called "SIDE EFFECTS" ... that come to light only after years of Administer the drug.
    As you well know ... UNFORTUNATELY clinical trials have a 5 stage: PHARMACOVIGILANCE, or the study of the effects on the organism NEGATIVE.
    If the results are true then had the lantus should be withdrawn from the market.
    Simo appearance .... other publications,
    A kiss

  4. 4 roberto

    the son of my cousin (db1) phoned the primary diabetes nurse who has taken care, telling him to suspend the lantus and giving it another that I can not remember.
    shame about 6 months ago, and 'was removed from the knee osteosarcoma as a big orange!
    in addition to the db even 16 cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    for now it seems that there are metastases
    we hope!
    a "sweet" Greetings to all
    ps luckily I only use the humalog

  5. 5 Mara

    Hello guys.
    I am the mother of a boy who is diabetic since 10 years ago and the lantus and a sports at a competitive level.
    Coincidentally I read your article on the blog and of course I worry about the health of my child.
    As far as I know the results were preliminary and not confirmed by definitive news.
    What are your sources to express this certainty? Can you tell me some name to turn to or where to write an e-mail to have proof of this risk you take doing the lantus?
    This risk relates only to the use of lantus insulin or in general slow - fast - super fast etc. ..?
    It is not that, like mad cow disease in 2001, the avian flu in 2003 or more, we are bombarded by so many messages of alarm and then when you go to search for scientific articles, he speaks in a very different way and after a few months everything is forgotten and nobody talks about it anymore.

    In addition to what you say of lantus and the company that produces it with its economic interests, there could be also the economic interests of companies competing to help lift this mess?

    From the picture you make of yourself, you're in close contact with one of these companies that has a competing drug comparable to the lantus but much less known and perhaps less sold, or am I wrong?

    In all cases, thank you and if you can send me your sources I am grateful.


  6. 6 Simone

    Anna, thank you so much information! You're definitely more experienced than me in these things, and unfortunately what you say about the "pharmacovigilance" is true. There remains, therefore, to wait, and hope that everything will turn out for the better, especially for the many people who use quest'insulina. We'll see!
    Hello, see you soon

  7. 7 Simon

    Dear Robert, I am very sorry for your cousin's son ... Unfortunately, in these cases the words of support are hard to find.
    Your story is very intense and interesting ... Anyway we should not jump to conclusions: you should be familiar with the reasons that led to this decision the primary, his choice will certainly be supported by his medical experience. It is said that this choice is related to the news of Lantus, and a fortiori it is said that the news is linked to bad luck happened to your relative. Surely it would be alarming to discover that it is so! But this is not for us to judge him: the doctors and scientists will do their job.
    You my best wishes, to you and to your cousin's son, hoping that it will get better and solve his problem. If you want to keep us updated on this story feel free to do so, if only to give us more information about it. Go ahead you know that your cousin with this blog we are close to his son. Thank you so much of the testimony, and we salute you ...

    PS: Since the issue raised by the comment, I take this opportunity to remind you (as already done in the article) that people with diabetes who use Lantus must not come to autonomous choices as important as that of the discontinuation of treatment: it must be always and only your doctor to do so. For any information of a medical nature is good to talk with their healthcare professional!

  8. 8 Simone

    Mara, thanks for your comment, even if that comment leaves me quite puzzled, perhaps you have not understood or read that right.

    I'll answer you point by point:
    1) You say you are worried about your son, it is normal to be worried, I myself have about it, because I had used Lantus few years ago.
    2) However (as you say), you do not need to do anything for alarmism, at least until there are no definitive results: my article it seems clear in this sense, does not create alarmism, asks only clarity.
    3) I ask: "What are your sources to express this certainty?" As you can clearly read in my article, I have not expressed any certainty on this issue, in fact, I've said many times that there is nothing for sure, and I used to write the conditional beginning to end. In fact, I talked to an example of "POSSIBLE carcinogenic effect", "WOULD therefore dangerous", "SUSPICIOUS cancer" ... As you can see, no certainty, indeed: you quote me in what I would have said this passage? In this case it would be a mistake. Also in response to the comments it seemed to be clear.
    4) You say: "As far as I know the results were preliminary and not confirmed by definitive news." If you read the article, I wrote exactly the same thing, namely, that: "This is a preliminary research that certainly goes in-depth with further studies before arriving at a definitive answer ..."
    5) I wonder if this risk is related only to Lantus with any other insulin or even similar: the study examined insulin glargine, which is the Lantus. The other types of insulin have not been studied in this case, so I can not tell more, I am neither a doctor nor an expert on the subject: I just read a news story reported.
    6) Of course, the economic interests of this dust are also there for the competitors: the hope is that scientific bodies always act independently and impartially.
    7) I'm not working contact with any pharmaceutical company, and I have never appointed any other insulin (competitors or not) that are not related to the news, that you instead make sense.
    8) Concerning my personal experience, I can tell you that when I am faced with an initiative or project that I think ethically valid and useful for others, then I get busy trying to do my best. I participate in various voluntary activities: I do not care if they are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or not, if this does not affect morality. In the same way I write on this blog what goes through my head in a genuine and sincere, without external influences of any kind: I is not never happened, or at least I could never accept it. As I have written clearly on a page since the birth of the site, this blog is written exclusively for personal purposes as a boy and sporty with diabetes (see "Information> Warnings").
    9) I wonder if the contrary, if your intervention is truly disinterested, or whether in your professional career you have to deal with some of the companies involved.
    10) We come to the main point of your comment: the sources of news reported in my article. They are clearly marked. I said that it is a study published in the journal Diabetologia of the EASD, and bottom of the article I put a link to the specific page. Immediately below I put (for correctness) is also a link to page managed by Sanofi Aventis, where there are data to support the Lantus. Other sources on which I have documented are several articles you read in the foreign press: this news in the world has had a lot of visibility (the Italian media instead have been quite silent on this, as on many important issues, after all). For example, there were several articles on the site of the Wall Street Journal.

    I hope I explained myself and have answered all your questions. I also hope to have further specified (for those who have not already guessed) that the purpose of the article is not to condemn, to alarm or give definite answers, but simply to inform on an international news, and asking for answers safer a confirmation or denial, for the good of all.
    So I invite you to reread the article again more carefully ... If I still had something to ask leave even a new comment, I'll be happy to answer! Thank you, and goodbye

  9. 9 luck

    I wanted to know if and 'only the lantus or all insulin preparations generally put at risk our lives I employ NovoMix 30 and I was operated on for cancer after a year that I was using can you please give me some clarification of your safe colabborazione send best regards and thank you that never hurts

  10. 10 lucky

    I do not know what I wanted to ask you asked for it I just hope that as usual there there is half the money that I think Mr. deaths is more of a war ok greetings to all

  11. 11 Simone

    Hello Luck! Thanks for the comment ...
    To your question, unfortunately I can not be of much help, because I'm not a doctor. What I can say, however, is to stay calm and not to jump to conclusions: from what I know there is nothing to be alarmed about. First, because the news in question only concerns the Lantus, according to the Lanus because even when nothing is certain, and are ongoing studies to confirm or deny anything. The news of this article simply reports a scientific research, but in diabetology ideas are mixed, and not everyone agrees. The associations and doctors recommend not to be afraid and do not stop or change your therapy! So do not worry if there will be news surely will keep you updated your diabetologist, have this to him ...
    For the second comment on the money ... Unfortunately, you're right, sometimes the money is managed without any ethics and create damage to so many people, but you always have hope in people of good will: there are still many around! Let's hope so!
    I'm sorry for your misfortunes: you my best wishes! Come on, the next one! Back again to visit us ...

  12. 12 Susanna

    are diabetic and do the LANTUS from about 5 anni.vorrei know if they are at risk considering that I have always done between approximately 12 and 15 units giornaliere.RESTA THE FACT THAT THERE 'LIMIT THE CRAP THAT SURROUNDS

  13. 13 cristina

    My son, nearly 14 years ago lantua the onset of the disease, that 'since February of this year, great, WHICH WILL BE' HIS FUTURO.Sono very preoccupata.Grazie.

  14. 14 Simone

    Care Susanna and Christina, I wanted to reassure you about the Lantus: The news spoke of a preliminary hypothesis pending investigations, nothing for sure then. What advice is not to worry too much at this time, and possibly ask for more information about your healthcare.
    However, I understand your situation because I think almost all people with diabetes have used at least for a period that insulin (including myself).
    However, it is just not too alarmed, and wait for updates!
    Thank you for your contribution if you wish keep visiting this blog ... :-)

  15. 15 crjstina

    thanks simone, I have little nu 'rassicurata.Oggi the usual port control, so we see that the doctors give me answers and then I'll sapere.Saluti

  16. 16 cristina

    Dr today following my son, I was reassured about the lantus, everything 'under control, otherwise they would have already' suspended somministrazione.Cmq research continues. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU DID YOU KNOW.

  17. 17 Simone

    As I told you, Christine, it's just not allarmasi and await developments! When I think there will be news that people with diabetes will be the first to know, through diabetes and associations. Hello, and good luck for the rest!

  18. 18 marine

    I think the problem is extensible to all insulin analogues. Everyone is a growth factor piùforte compared to human insulin market is that the policy of banning to make more money!! LARGE SCALE STUDIES ARE NEEDED!!! NEED TO EVALUATE WELL AS A FACTOR 'IMPORTANT!!!!!'S' HALF LIFE OF A LOT OF PEOPLE!

  19. 19 susy

    28-10-2009 Today I went to visit the diabetes clinic where they are followed by believing that I would have changed the LANTUS I do for 5 years: the diabetologist that replaced but the officer told me that where she works, the OSP. Maggiore in Bologna, for now prefer not to change the wife of a colleague of my husband's diabetic and she also in the same situation on the contrary when it is presented in the center where he had followed the change of therapy with a similar without having to nulla.CHIEDO ask: WHAT IS THE BEHAVIOR TO KEEP RIGHT????? THANKS

  20. 20 Anubis

    Guys we are talking about Pharmaceutical Companies, that the worst criminals from the time of Dr. Mengele. What do you expect, they are benefactors and think lovingly to our / your health?
    They are merchants, and behave as such. They could sell with the same tranquility anti-personnel mines or drugs.
    The reason why in the last years are outputs so many new types of insulin, is unclear. Or rather it is, but you can not tell.

  21. 21 cristina

    then the same doctors who treat diabetes are as sruzzi .... but I have a son who has to make yet 14 years old, 'cause I do not speak of this problem? ... I DO NOT TRUST THE MOST' NOBODY.

  22. 22 dario

    hello to all, after 20 years of insulin therapy with intermediate
    today my diabetologist advised me the Lantus, I said you should keep your blood sugar more stable within 24 hours and do not cause spikes ipoglicemici.Oltretutto advised me not to pay attention to what they write about cancer on blogs there is nothing true . What to do? thanks

  23. 23 cristina

    Dear Dario, I advise you to do it .. all drugs have contraindications, even the menial aspirin, there 'nothing found, for now. hello

  24. 24 Simone

    Dear commentators! I apologize if I have not answered before. Unfortunately for those seeking more information I can only answer that at the moment there is nothing for sure: do not jump to conclusions either in a positive or negative, you have to wait some answers.
    Unfortunately I have to disassociate from those who use tones a bit 'too heavy, it would be better to keep a bit' of moderation. Similarly, even though I do not approve liquidate everything superficially. Behold, these things need to look into.
    What I never tire of repeating, however, is that you MUST FOLLOW THE SIGNS your diabetes, choosing a healthcare professional that you have CONFIDENCE: only doctors can give the best indications.
    To conclude, I'm collecting the latest news, I hope to publish a new article on the subject within a few weeks.
    That said, I greet all and wish you a HAPPY WORLD DIABETES DAY! Not be long now: The event is scheduled for November 14th at the many events that we will be in Italy (sometimes will be postponed to 15). Contact your local association! Thank you for continuing to visit (and comment on) my blog ... :-D

  25. 25 mario

    today I was in the hospital x foot control diabetico.mentre I was there I took the opportunity to ask for advice on insulins and quantities, more xche I can not control diabetes well as July 1st month of the start of radiotherapy to the tumor x prostate, I use lantus the end of 2006 and in 2007 the psa had gone mad segnandomi then tumore.SONO SHOCKED BECAUSE I WAS NOT AWARE OF EVERYTHING BUT WHAT disoriented me AND THE DOCTOR TOLD ME TO BRING A LANTUS 44UNITA X BETTER CONTROL DIABETES AND REDUCE THE QUICK MEAL WAS TOLD ME YESTERDAY nephrologist INSTEAD OF DECREASE THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN LANTUS BUT KNOW SOMETHING I HAVE DIABETES AND ARE FOR TRIALS ARE ALL IN GOOD FAITH HOPE I WILL THANK YOU

  26. 26 cristina

    dear mario, you shocked me, too ...

  27. 27 Simone

    Hello Mario, I'm sorry for your story ... Unfortunately, however, could also be a coincidence, then I would or would await more news of the investigation before jumping to conclusions.
    The Lantus has made a small revolution in insulin therapy when it was invented, so it is normal to be prescribed by doctors and encouraged, because it certainly has many advantages and at the moment there are no reliable data on its alleged dangers. So do not worry too much!
    However, I am convinced that, even if sometimes it happens that someone makes mistakes, these are made in good faith and are a result of human limitations. Scientific research and ingenuity of man always strive to minimize such errors, so the hope must never miss.
    You my best wishes, to the next ...

  28. 28 laura

    Hello, I am laura
    I came to this site if I was looking for information about the medicines they have given to my mother after being ricoverata.Già we are in crisis for diabetes, then I read this as well if avevte news let me know ok?
    Hello and thank you

  29. 29 Simone

    Hello Laura, do not worry, as I wrote need a lot of care! I wanted to reassure you about diabetes: do not worry! Today, you can live well and with normality with it. Best of luck.

  30. 30 vincenzo

    Hello, I am Vincent, I also surfing today I went to the event on this site and I was amazed at everything I've read about the Lantus.
    To be noted that the use for about four years and no powers not help it, I want to know some news less dramatic than those I've read so far.
    Hello and thank you

  31. 31 Simone

    Hello Vincent, I suggest you read what has been written and commented repeatedly!

  32. 32 Cristina

    Greetings to you all, I wrote a comment a few months ago and today after reading your'd like to talk briefly about my experience. My husband has diabetes since the age of four years now has more than forty, we are together for about ten years. The quality of his life so far has been high, certainly all you need to pace, awareness and greater control and self-education. A great contribution to the progress of the study on diabetes and correct information is given by the association to which he belongs, and who fight for decades for the civil rights of people with diabetes and associations for me is really a great treasure: through its a number of initiatives such an association pushes doctors, researchers, policy to listen more to the different experiences, to welcome initiatives to improve the health care system.
    When communication is correct everything is easier, this helps to live better. So I ask as a citizen maximum transparency with regard to the publication of studies, medical research, the ultimate freedom from economic choices and profit that may cause damage to the health of us all because when it comes to health is not to be trifled with, and I think no one , and rewrite no one should exploit diabetes to create profits to lobby policy. This is also why the associations of the families concerned, the people who live in the first person as diabetes, their supporters have steadily widen, increasing numbers of members, grow and continue to be always present when dealing with issues related. In our city, the association works fine, however my husband continues to be followed medically from the center of Pisa.
    I'd like to write something about his experience too, I'll try to ask him.
    As for my experience, indirect, I must say that the foundation of a good practice is to live fully all aspects of life with rhythm and thoughtfulness, joy and love, a practice recommended at all, moreover, a warm greeting Cristina Fabbrini Livorno

  33. 33 laura

    Good morning by here often to learn new things since my mother after a hospitalization was under care with this strange lantus.Ora is again hospitalized for cerebral ischemia resulting in paralysis of the limbs sinistri.La thing that makes me think is that they immediately suspended the drug nn but they gave me an explanation, someone can tell me if it is a coincidence or it may be the one to cause the disease? thank you in advance a kiss hello Laura

  34. 34 raffaella

    I went to the event and reading this news filled me with terror and bewilderment ... Use lantus since September 2006, so they are very much involved. Unfortunately, the diabetologist that I "follow" is not a big communicator, even though I know it is considered a great scholar and who is very active in many fields related to diabetes.
    I run it by him alone controls a must, but I get messages huge distraction and superficiality, that do not make me trust him ... Especially at the beginning, when I crashed on this unexpected problem, I tried explanations, I asked in panic Complete news and support, but I felt settled with a simple "cerca de magna little cute!" ...
    Of course, today there are plenty of means and ways to get information, but perhaps a bit 'of sensitivity and humanity more would not hurt ...
    To feel in the company will be back to see you .... Thank you

  35. 35 giacomo

    I am 59 years old and I use lantus from 2004.purtroppo in April of 2009, I diagnosed a year adeno carcinoma of the rectum, have been operated in san filippo rome blacks, but it does not end here because in 2005 I had a tumor fortunately taken into time on the ropes vocali.per Please keep me informed about developments of this issue that has opened on the use of lantus, I am very preoccupato.grazie

  36. 36 Silvia

    Good evening, I carefully read all interventions. During a routine checkup, I asked my diabetologist of the possible carcinogenic effects of Lantus. I was told that in case of familiarity of cancer is not the most appropriate type of insulin. As is the case with me I asked him to suspend it and replace it. Since yesterday I inject Levemir. Also insulin from recombinant DNA, little known. Let's hope so! Silvia

  37. 37 Elizabeth

    you wrote that you'd still published on lantus and cancer but do not see anything ...
    What I read bother me much.
    I have diabetes since 2006 (by stress or cortisone after a chemo) and I make use of Lantus. In 2008 I had a second breast cancer different from the previous one.
    What I read bother me much. But what to do?
    And also does anyone know what are the pharmaceutical companies that produce insulin transgenic?
    Thank you

  38. 38 frank

    ho letto le notizie sulla lantus,sono rimasta scioccata.Ho iniziato la lantus nel 2005 e nel novembre 2007 mi è stato diagnosticato un carcinoma mammario non ci sono casi di famigliarità ed in seguito metastasi ossee.Ciò mi spreoccupa molto.La ricerca dice che i casi di tumori in pazienti trattati con la lantus si sono verificati dopo 1 anno e mezzo e io rientro nella casistica.Sono molto preoccupata cosa devo fare anche se adesso il mio centro diabetico mi ha sostituito la lantus,ma ormai credo sia tardi per porvi rimedio.Grazie

  39. 39 Melissa

    hanno insistito con forza per prescrivermi la lantus…………….. gia di diabete si soffre e aumentare le ansie nn serve………….. ora uso la levemir………..spero nn abbia rischi…………

  40. 40 Erika Precetti

    ciao a tutti, a me era già noto che il lantus fosse cancerogeno, l'ho appreso frequentando un seminario di un farmacista ricercatore, al quale mi sono rivolta per dimagrire io, e per curare il diabete a mia nonna che ha 80 anni e da 53 anni soffre di diabete 1, dopo solo pochi giorni dall'inizio di questa alimentazione mia nonna ha iniziato a sospendere non solo insulina ma tutti i medicinali, ora sono passati tre mesi e continua a curarsi col cibo e non più con i medicinali.
    si capisce bene che l'interesse economico schiaccia le persone e noi possiamo solo urlare al mondo che non ci va bene, io oltre a questo mi sono rivolta a Lemme, questo farmacista di Desio e ho risolto il problema.
    tra l'altro mercoledì sera, il 28 luglio su italia uno parlerà di questo in una nuova trasmissione, comunque vi lascio il contatto:
    meglio curarsi col cibo che con i farmaci,

  41. 41 franco

    leggo questa notizia allarmente,io ho una figlia che fa quetsa insulina ,voglio solo sapere se per una volta nn prevale ,da parte dell'azinda l'igordigia dei soldi e ci dica la verità ,perchè su la vita umana basta a scherzare

  42. 42 Piero

    Salve, ho letto le controidicazioni del Lantus publicate sul Vs. sito, parla del rischio cancro dopo un pò di tempo che si usa il Lantus.
    Mi potete far sapere se cè un tipo di insulina diversa da Lantus? Thank you

  43. 43 katia

    perchè i diabetologi continuano a far fare la lantus se questa può portare tumori? ho una bimba di 10 anni e fa la lantus da 5 anni.

  44. 44 lorenzo

    credendo fosse una cistite, dall'agosto scorso mi sono accorto del diabete dopo oaver fatto analisi che non facevo da trent'anni. Ora, dopo una settimana di day oospital in diabetologia mi hanno prescritto pasticchetta e lantus. Di lantus ne ho fatte 3 nel day e mai più dopo essere stato dimesso. Lo stik oggi mi dice (sto molto attento alla dieta e faccio movimento calcecco e calciotto nonostante oggi 15.12.010 festeggio il mio 64esimo compleanno) il valore idem del day. oscilla quindi da 90 a 150 mangiando più del prescritto ovviamente altrimenti sono arrivato anche ad 84. di pasticchetta anziche 3 ne prendo solo ouna al giorno ma ho intenzione di smettere al più presto anche con questo farmaco. saluti Lorenzo da San Benedetto del Tronto

  45. 45 katia

    Ciao sono katia
    è da 2 settimane che ho iniziato a fare il lantus,associate ad altre pasticche,
    casualmente girando sui web ,ho visitato questo forum e ne rimango basita.
    Da quando la uso ,ho notato già una maggiore ritenzione idrica e durante la notte mi si intorbidisce il braccio destro e nononostante, tutta l'attività fisica che faccio,sento la gamba destra non rispondere + tanto bene.
    Fino ad ora non avevo letto nemmeno il bugiardino all'interno della confezione ,per non impressionarmi,ed ora vedo che questo prodotto ha anche una buona percentuale effetti collaterali così drammatici.Ci dobbiamo affidare nelle mani del signore?

  46. 46 Vincenzo Cirimele

    Greetings to all
    Sono un diabetico insulina dipentente dal 1975, e linsulina Lantus miè
    stata ordinata all'inizio che e stata messa in commercio, ma non avrei mai pensato che poteva essere dannosa fino a questo punto. rigrazio a tutti dell'informazione,perchè da questa mattina smetterò di somministrarmi la Lantus e cercherò di trovarne unaltra per sostituirla.
    Quello che più di tutto mi fa paura che finanziariamente siamo in un monto di avvoltoi. ringrazio a tutti della grande notizia

  47. 47 mia

    io ho perso il conto di quanti anni ormai sono che faccio la lantus.. sono diab da quando avevo 6 anni e ora ne ho 23.. non ci voglio neanche pensare.

  48. 48 vincenzo

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    La sola Lantus però non riusciva a controllare i livelli e ha dovuto ricominciare a farsi anche le punture che si faceva prima di ogni pasto, totale quattro punture al giorno invece di tre.
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